MS Communications Design, Pratt Institute
BA History of Art & Architecture, Brown University

Recognised by
American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)
American Illustration
L’Associazione Culturale Tapirulan

Haruka Aoki is a Japanese artist and award-winning illustrator residing on Canarsee (Munsee Lenape) land, commonly known as Queens, New York. Her work aims to inspire individuals with both wit and sincerity as her hand-drawn characters engage the world around them.

By exploring the experience of life, death, and metaphysical realms through her illustrations, writings, and performances, Haruka hopes to provoke connection and a sense of community.

As a child of Japanese parents who travelled around the world, often unsure of where “home” would be next, Haruka found and continues to find comfort in nature, a constant starting point in her work. By exploring nature and the metaphysical realm as an accessible space to heal from trauma, she is processing the deep-rooted complexities of life and death as a human being, while reminding people, “you are not alone.” ︎

Contact: harukahaoki [at] gmail 
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