Corporate Flora

When I worked as a designer in Manhattan, and my team moved into a new building, the first thing I noticed was a set of vibrant, colourful bouquets in the lobby, popping out against the grey marble walls. After a few weeks, I realised that the bouquets are replaced every Sunday, and thus began my documentation. What intrigues me is the decision to take nature into a manmade environment, especially a "non-place" (as coined by anthropologist Marc Augé) such as the corporate office lobby. This series shows a full year's worth of bouquets.

The average full-time American employee works almost 2,000 hours per year (Pew Research). While meetings are held and deals are made upstairs, the flowers continue to grow, blossom, and wither. At the beginning and end of each work day, workers must pass by these bouquets. I wonder... does anyone else notice them?