Fitting In

Fitting In is a heart-warming, pronoun-inclusive picture book about a square trying to fit into a world of circles. This book celebrates what makes everyone unique and special. Illustrated and written by Haruka Aoki and John Olson. Published by Sky Pony Press, distributed by Simon & Schuster.

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“Another 2022 release we loved (and that’s a kid-favorite!) is FITTING IN by Haruka Aoki and John Olson. It’s a metaphor about the ways we feel pressure to change who we are to “fit in” when really it’s best to just be ourselves and allow others to do the same.

This heart-warming and affirming picture book celebrates differences and what makes everyone unique and special. It’s a great resource for educators for discussing topics like acceptance, empathy, bullying, belonging, and more. It’s also a gentle reminder to caregivers that our kids are not cookie cutter versions of ourselves, and they deserve the space to be true to themsleves and become who they are.”

—The Conscious Kid

“The illustrations are brightly colored and emotive, making the shapes easy to relate to despite not being human. The circles are a cool blue while Square is a warm red, a color choice that makes the “problem” even more obvious. This book would be a great addition to any SEL collection, as readers follow Square’s journey from feeling different to a community that accepts them for who they are.

VERDICT: Readers feeling like they don’t fit in will connect strongly with Square; teachers and students alike will find Square’s journey endearing and enjoyable.”

—School Library Journal


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