Peace, if you want it

My plant based work was included in Associated Gallery's You Are My Sunshine, a show that was reviewed by art critic Jerry Saltz for New York Magazine.

The piece was placed on a small plinth so that the battle scene and toy soldiers could be examined from above. Paratroopers were hung from the ceiling. The men, caught up in battle, fail to see the natural beauty (not even then giant rose at the centre of all the action) surrounding them.

If you want to see how alive Bushwick is these days, start with this large group show, wedged into a teeny space full of artists doing strange things with plants. Being a serial plant killer, I swooned for things growing on walls, paintings, bricks, junks, and planters. Trees, shrubs, cacti of all kinds, and blooming bushes confirm that something important is in the offing here. Bring it! —Jerry Saltz